Losing a customers keys

cleaning company insuranceIf you’re a cleaning company, losing a customers keys can cause real problems for you and your customer. Most customers, whether domestic or commercial, will want their locks changed if you lose their keys.

If you’re a cleaning company working on a Commercial premises, having the locks changed could cost a lot of money, when you add the costs of new locks, sets of keys and emergency call out locksmiths.

Most cleaning companies have cleaning company insurance, but not all cleaning company insurance policies include cover for Loss of customers Keys.

How to tell if you have cover for losing a customers keys

If your cleaning company insurance includes cover for losing a customers keys, it should say so somewhere on your policy schedule. Failing that, check your policy summary or the policy booklet that came with the paperwork you’d have receive

What to do if you don’t have cover for losing customers keys

insurance brokers essexIf you find that you don’t have the cover, you can get a more comprehensive cleaning company insurance policy that will include it. You might be pleasantly surprised by the price too.

If you don’t have cover for losing customers keys or aren’t sure if you have it, contact us for a no obligation review of your cleaning company insurance.


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