Cleaning Company Insurance

cleaning company insuranceLately I’ve been looking at a lot of cleaning company insurance.  As business insurance broker, I’m often approached by a range of companies for help with their insurance, but sometimes patterns occur, and recently it’s been cleaning companies wanting help.

What I’ve noticed is most cleaning companies don’t  realise differences between standard Public and Employers Liability insurance compared to specialist cleaning company insurance.

With this in mind, I thought I’d mention some of the main differences here, for cleaning companies who want to make sure they have the right cover.

Standard Public and Employers Liability Insurance

Despite the large number of business insurers that are happy to cover cleaning companies, many of their policies come with significant exclusions in cover, and the main one that seems to cause problems for the cleaning companies excludes cover for damage to property being worked on.

So this means if you or your employee break something whilst cleaning it, this isn’t covered.

Specialist cleaning company insurance

There are a handful of insurance companies out there who have designed a bespoke insurance policy including almost every cover a cleaning company is likely to need.

So as well as the standard Public and Employers Liability Insurance, policies also include:

Damage to property being worked oncleaning contractors insurance

Unlike many standard liability policies, this is covered under many specialist cleaning contractor insurance policies.

Treatment Risks

Cover for Legal Liability in respect of damage to carpets, furnishings and upholstery caused by the cleaning process. Cover can include shrinkage, colour runs and wrongful application.

Fidelity Guarantee (Theft by Employees)

Cover is available for direct loss of money or goods belonging to customers of the insured caused by any act of theft (committed during the period of insurance) by your employees

Security of Customers Premises

This provides indemnity for Legal Liability following lapse of security at a customer’s property due to negligence of your employees.

Damage to Property Taken Off Site for Cleaning

If you need to take customers’ property away from their premises for cleaning, renovation or repair, cover is provided for Legal Liability in respect of any loss or damage to such property.

Loss of Keys

Cover is available in the event of Loss of Keys resulting in replacement or alteration of locks to your customers’ buildings. This
section also provides cover for Consequential Loss following the  Loss of Keys.

cleaning company liability insurance

Misuse of Customer Telephones

Cover is available  for any loss caused by misuse of customer’s telephones by an employee within defined limits.

The best part is that the specialist cleaning company insurance policies give all this cover and are rarely more expensive than the policies that give much less cover!


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