If you’re a Locksmith, you are likely to have a range of Insurance needs, which can be covered by a specialist Locksmith Insurance policy.

What’s covered by Locksmith Insurance

How much cover you get very much depends on the type of policy you take out.

For example, some insurers will only offer you Public Liability Insurance, covering you against injury to third parties or damage to their property.


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    However, there’s a lot more to Locksmith Insurance than that, and Locksmiths need to make sure they have the right cover to meet their individual needs.

    One of the specialist Locksmith Insurance policies we have access to, provides the following covers:

    • Public Liability
    • Employers Liability
    • Inefficacy (failure to perform of a product supplied)
    • and Consequential Loss of Keys
    • Fidelity Bonding
    • Contractual Liability
    • Design, instruction or advice in connection with the product or service supplied
    • Financial Loss including Products

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      Cover can also include Professional Indemnity and Directors & Officers Liability Insurance, as well as a full package of covers, including;

      ‣ Commercial All Risks

      ‣ Business Interruption

      ‣ Contract Works

      ‣ Fidelity Guarantee

      ‣ Legal Expenses.

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      What to look out for when buying insurance?

      When arranging cover, be sure to check what cover you’re getting, to make sure you cover yourself properly.

      Check the above list to see if the quote you have covers any of these things.

      Here’s a few other things to check:

      • Excess – this is the amount you’ll have to pay; be sure to check that you know what your excess is, and that it’s a sensible amount
      • Terms & Conditions – take a look for the small-print.  There may be some terms and conditions you need to comply with, in order to be covered fully.
      • Who is the Insurer – check to make sure the Insurance company covering you is a reputable and financially stable Insurer, so that you don’t have any problems with them going bust and not paying a claim!

      How to make sure your insurance policy is right for you?

      Before you take out Locksmith Insurance, make sure the quote covers you for everything you need.

      The best way to do this to speak to a specialist this area, as there may be things you haven’t considered or aren’t sure about.

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