Property Portfolio Insurance brings together a property owner’s various properties under one Insurance policy or programme.

What are the benefits of Property Portfolio Insurance

  • Competitive premiums – many insurers will give bigger discounts or better rates when they are covering several properties
  • Robust cover –  many Property Portfolio Insurance policies provide very wide cover (see below)
  • Ease of admin – one policy or programme to manage, that you can amend as and when you acquire or sell properties
  • Spread your payments over 10 single monthly instalments

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    What’s covered by Property Portfolio Insurance

    Depending on your needs, Property Portfolio Insurance can include the following covers:

    • Buildings
    • Contents
    • Loss of Rent
    • Property Owners Liability
    • Employers Liability
    • Legal Expenses
    • Rent Guarantee
    • Emergency cover
    property portfolio insurance

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      How many properties can be covered under Property Portfolio Insurance

      This can vary depending on the individual insurance company and its capacity, but many Property Portfolio Insurance policies can cater for 10 – 30+ properties on one policy.

      Ultimately all properties can be catered for on one, easy to manage Insurance programme.

      What to look for in your Property Portfolio Insurance

      Managing a property portfolio can be time consuming if you have several properties, and the same is true for Property Portfolio Insurance.

      A good Property Portfolio Insurance Broker will manage the Insurance programme for you.

      However, here’s just a few things you can do right away to check if you need to speak to a specialist sooner rather than later:

      Occupancy – this can change, and whilst there is often some cover included for this, check what the policy notes your properties are used for. For example, do you have a property that has been empty for months, but your paperwork suggests is is tenanted?

      Tenant type – similar to the above, this is crucial, so be sure to check your documents accurately reflect the type of tenants you have.

      Sums insured – whilst you can build certain provisions into your cover, it is important to review these regularly to ensure you are adequately protected.

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