We are Award Winning, Trading Standards-approved Insurance Brokers based in Romford, Essex, taking care of client's all over the UK.

We were established in April 2012 by our Managing Director, Dan Evans.

Our Vision and Mission

To protect as many people as we can against the unexpected, through effective, bespoke and fairly priced Insurance programmes.

What Makes Us Different

  1. We review our client’s case annually based on their current circumstances and not just offer them the programme they had last year, without full consideration of alternatives; so they can be assured they are still getting the right cover and value for money.
  2. We guarantee our clients will have one main point of contact for their account with us, and we’ll give them their mobile and direct office telephone numbers; so they can reach us easily without having to battle with call centres.
  3. We stay in touch with our clients throughout the year, to help ensure their Insurance stays up to date and relevant to any changes in their circumstances; giving them peace of mind that their cover is still correct.
  4. If our clients need to make a claim on their Insurance, we guarantee to respond to them and start the process on the same working day they contact us; so they can rest assured they’re in good hands.
  5. Our attention to detail – we dig deeper than most of our competitors. Rather than offer an ‘’off the shelf’’ policy, we work closely with clients to ensure the cover we arrange for them is specific to their needs.
  6. Our responsiveness – we respond to most contact from our clients on the same day.
  7. Relationship Consistency - we assign each customer one point of contact who is responsible for the day to day running of your account, so whether it’s a change, a claim or a renewal, they will benefit from a consistent, long term relationship with their Account Manager.

Our 10 Promises

  1. We will treat our customers with respect and gratitude regardless of how much they spend.
  2. We will always get back to our clients when we say we are going to.
  3. We will not promise what we can’t deliver.
  4. We will ensure our client’s Insurance programme is tailored to their individual needs.
  5. We will be known for our speed and efficiency.
  6. We will make our offering simple and easy to understand for our clients.
  7. We will build long lasting relationships with our clients.
  8. We will display gratitude whenever a client recommends someone to us.
  9. We don’t know what we don’t know, but we will find out.
  10. We will never stop learning more and developing new skills.

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Dan Evans

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