Motor Trade Insurance vs Motor Fleet Insurance

Lately I’ve been speaking to a number of businesses who are looking for the most cost effective and comprehensive way to insure their company vehicles.

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What I’ve noticed more than anything else is there seems to be a misunderstanding about which sort of policy is right for businesses looking for multi vehicle insurance, specifically with regard to differentiating between motor trade insurance and motor fleet insurance.

So I thought I would clear this up, dispel a myth or two and help you make sure you have the right cover.

Motor Trade Insurance

fleet insurance for repair garages, or car dealers and the like.  It is designed to offer wide cover for businesses that need to operate not only their own vehicles but also vehicles belonging to customers.


In recent years, insurers have cracked down on businesses and individuals who buy a motor traders policy to benefit from it’s features but are not actually in the motor trade.  You will be asked to provide evidence in the form of receipts, invoices and other documents to prove your eligibility for this type of insurance.

Motor Fleet Insurance

multi van car insurance…is for businesses that are not necessarily in the motor trade but operate two vehicles or more.  It is designed to allow multiple vehicles on one policy with flexibility in terms of cover and drivers.

Get the right policy for you

Both motor trade and motor fleet policies are excellent products, but have been tailored to meet very different needs. We have years of experience in all types of motor insurance, working with businesses who need motor trade insurance, motor fleet insurance or in some cases both! – if you are unsure which policy is right for you, contact us for some free, unbiased advice.