Is it time to put your multi van insurance on one policy?

multi van insurance, fleet insurance brokersIf you are operating two vans or more, and have them insured on separate policies, then it might be time to look at a motor fleet insurance policy for your multi van insurance.

It’s hard to know whether you should lump your vehicles  together and get one policy covering all of them, but here are a few warning signs that it might be time to look at it:

1.  Your single vehicle policies seem to be getting expensive

If your premium seems to be getting higher every year, then it might be time to put the fact that you own other vehicles to good use and start flexing a bit of ‘buying power’ muscle.

2.  You are regularly on the phone adding a new driver or checking which drivers can drive which vehicle

If you find that you are constantly adding drivers to your insurance or at least checking if they are insured to drive, it might be time to simplify things with a motor fleet insurance policy.

fleet insurance brokers, multi van insurance3.  Your premium goes up if your no claims bonus gets reduced

If your premium is getting higher as your no claims bonus gets reduced, due to ”that knock from last year”, you might want to look at a policy that doesn’t hit you so hard if one of the vehicles is involved in an incident.

4.  The best price you can get on an additional vehicle is sky high

If you’re struggling to get a sensible price for a new addition to your vehicles (as there is no ‘no claims bonus’ to use), it might be time to look at a policy that sets its prices by looking at the bigger picture.

Where do I go if I want to look into it?

You may be able to get some fleet insurance quotes online,  but to ensure you get a range of unbiased quotes that have been built around you and your business, it is worth speaking to a fleet insurance broker who will look at your multi van insurance arrangements with a view to getting you the best deal both in terms of cover and price.