W is for Window Cleaners Insurance

If you’re paying good money for your Window Cleaning Insurance, you would usually expect to be covered for simple things such as, damaging the window that you are cleaning, right?

It sounds silly but, many Liability Insurance Policies exclude ”damage to  property that is being worked on”. This means, if your policy gives you Public Liability cover, and even states you are a window cleaner, you still may not be covered for damaging the window.

How do I know I am covered correctly for my Window Cleaners Insurance?

When looking at your Insurance documents, it is not always obvious exactly what cover you have. It is always good to speak directly to your insurance broker or to the Insurance company washing-window-squeegee-20842620originally used, if you are uncertain on any details.

The smaller the Window Cleaning Business, the higher the risk of having a policy that excludes the risk of being covered to damage to the property being worked on. This is because they are often sold a ‘Tradesman’ Insurance policy which, whilst low-cost, usually comes with this exclusion.

What is covered by Window Cleaners Insurance?

Here’s a summary of what’s provided with one of the more comprehensive Window Cleaners Insurance policies:

  • Public & Products Liability
  • Damage to Property Being Worked Upon
  • Employers Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Loss of Keys
  • Theft by Employees
  • Tools & equipment
  • Legal Expenses

Can I add this cover to my Window Cleaners Insurance?

If your policy doesn’t cover damage to property being worked on, then this may mean that you don’t have a specialist Window Cleaning Insurance policy, but a standard Business Liability Insurance policy instead.

Unfortunately you probably cannot add cover for damage to property being worked on, but you can get quotes for a window cleaning insurance policy that does include the cover, as well as other extra covers that you won’t get under a typical Liability and Tradesman Insurance policy.

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