Flood Warnings

You may have heard on the news that there have been a number of weather warnings for heavy rainfall and strong winds for the majority of the country; this has been issued by the Met Office.Flood Risk Insurance Because of this we suggest that you check the flood risks in your area. Create a plan to follow in a flood emergency so that you’re not in a panic if any flooding takes place.


What to do if a flood emergency arises

Some friendly tips to follow in an emergency:

  • Get yourself to higher ground
  • Place all essential items upstairs for example, clean water, medication, waterproofs, and torches
  • Do not attempt to walk across or drive through flowing streams
  • Be sure to stay warm, keep blankets with you 
  • If the flood water gets into your home, get yourself, your family, and pets to the highest floor in your home
  • Listen to a radio for up to date storm information
  • If you are able to, turn off the gas, electricity and water supplies
  • If standing in flood water do not touch any sources of electricity
  • If you come into contact with flood water, wash your hands with soap and clean water
  • As flood water can rise quickly, stay calm and be sure to reassure those around you. Call 999 if you are in danger
  • Keep your body protected, if possible wear waterproof clothing, including gloves

Checking for flood updates whenever possible. This way you are prepared for all eventualities. 


Are you covered?

 You will need to take into consideration if you have the correct Insurance cover, for your house and car. If flood waters reach your home and you do not have the correct cover, you may end up paying a lot of money for damages, which could’ve been taken care of by your Insurance company.

If you’re in any doubt as to whether you have the correct Flood Risk Insurance, please feel free to contact us for free no obligation advise. 

Read through your policy to be sure that you are covered correctly.  


Stay Safe and warm throughout this stormy weather.