Malicious damage by tenants

malicious damage by tenantsHave you checked if your Landlord Insurance includes malicious damage by tenants cover?

As a Property Insurance Broker, I am often comparing cover for my Landlord clients, to make sure they’re getting the widest possible cover for a good price.

One of things that still surprises me every time I do this exercise, is  how many insurers limit (or in some cases exclude) cover for malicious damage by tenants, even though there are similarly priced policies available which include it!

What is Malicious damage by tenants cover?

Malicious damage by tenants cover is pretty self explanatory – if your tenant maliciously damages your property, you are entitled to submit a claim under the policy to cover this (if you have the cover that is!).

property insurance brokerEven though there are many resources available to ensure you get a ‘good tenant’, sadly there are no guarantees, and I’ve spoken to countless Landlords who have had bad experiences with their tenants, despite all the checks they carried out  before agreeing to rent the property to them.

Malicious damage by tenants cover is just one of several Insurance covers you can take to protect yourself and your property.

What to look out for with Malicious damage by tenants cover

As mentioned earlier, some Insurers will provide Malicious Damage by Tenants cover, but beware – some will put a limit in their policy of , say, £5,000 – which can quickly run out!  Some Insurers even exclude cover altogether and they don’t make it obvious either!

How to find out if you have Malicious damage by tenants cover

Our no-obligation review service is free of charge and probably the quickest and easiest way to get an independent overview of your current arrangements.

You can also get a free quote from us to add any covers you might be missing, including Malicious damage by Tenants cover, without obligation.

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