Why you shouldn’t ‘Go Direct’

As Insurance Brokers in Essex, we are regularly being referred to help local (and further afield) businesses.

And yes, we’re biased(!) but here’s a good example of why you shouldn’t ”Go direct” when buying your Insurance.

We were recently asked to help a startup business with their Insurances.

This young entrepreneur had approached Insurance companies directly and, having assessed the quotes he received, chose to Insure with one of them.

Everything was fine until he tried to add his office contents to the policy…

The business operates from a first floor office in a tall block of offices in the centre of Romford.    Despite this, the Insurer he chose told him they couldn’t insure his office contents as they feared he was in a flood area!

We spoke with the business owner, discussed his needs and then negotiated a suitable quote which covered his contents, with the same Insurer that turned him away!

insurance-brokers-essexIt’s hard to figure our what they were thinking when they refused him cover directly, but using an Insurance Broker means you have someone fighting your corner before, during and at the end of each policy year.

Sometimes Insurance companies just need to apply some common sense, which is just one of the things we bring to the table for our customer.

So, before you rush off to ‘cut out the middle man’ we hope you’ll remember this little story and see why it pays to use a reputable Insurance Broker 🙂

Oh and for a few more reasons to use an Insurance Broker, check out this blog about another unfortunate soul who went Direct!

That’s all for now – if you need any help with your Insurance, just get in touch! 🙂


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