I is for I.T. Company Insurance

i.t. company insuranceOne of our clients runs a local I.T. Company, and we are privileged to look after his I.T. Company Insurance.

If you’re an I.T. Company, there are various Insurance exposures that can be addressed by I.T. Company Insurance.

What is I.T. Company Insurance

I.T. Company Insurance protects I.T. companies in various areas such as their legal liabilities as well as cover for materials, stock and many other areas.

What’s covered by I.T. Company Insurance

I.T. Company Insurance can include a wide range of Insurance covers.

Each policy should be tailored to suit the needs of each particular I.T. Company, but here’s a short list of what can be included in I.T. Company Insurance.

  • Public Liability
  • Products Liability
  • Employers Liability
  • Insurance brokers essexProfessional Indemnity
  • Legal Expenses
  • Buildings
  • Contents
  • Stock
  • Loss if Income/Business Interruption
  • Tools
  • Goods in Transit

If you’re unsure about any of these covers, contact us to discuss them and your own requirements.

What to look out for with your I.T. Company Insurance


I.T. Company Insurance can be a complex area, depending on the type of I.T. Company you are.

We always recommend working with an expert to arrange your cover, but here’s a couple of things you can look out for on your policy papers right away.

This might help you decide if you need to a specialist sooner rather than later:

1.  Business description – take a look at this and ask yourself if it fully and accurately describes your business and all its activities. It’s really important that your policy reflects the work you do, to ensure you’re correctly covered.

2. Exclusions – these are the things that your insurers are specifically not going to cover you for.  They are usually listed somewhere in your policy schedule (but sometimes are only in the main policy booklet).  For example, if you’re the type of I.T. Company that carries out hardware installations, cabling etc, then a ”Manual work Exclusion” might not be suitable for you.

3.  Retroactive date – if you have Professional Indemnity Insurance as part of your I.T. Company Insurance, there should be a retroactive date noted on your paperwork.  This is a date in the past that your cover will not reach further back than.  Any claims that are made now for incidents that occurred before this date would not be covered, so it’s important to check this.

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