J is for Jewellery Insurance

J is for Jewellery Insurance


jewellery insuranceJewellery is often chosen with great care and purchased or given for a special occasion.

As a result, we become emotionally attached to our jewellery and it can be devastating to lose it, or have it stolen.

If you have jewellery, you should make sure that you take out adequate Insurance for it.

Tips for getting Jewellery Insurance

The most obvious and suitable way to insure your jewellery is to add it to your Home contents insurance.

Your contents insurer will often add the cover to your policy for an additional premium.

However, it’s really important to check that the jewellery is covered correctly and to meet your needs.

For example, adding jewellery to your contents insurance policy  may not necessarily cover the item(s) once they leave your home.  If you regularly wear the jewellery or want it covered away from your home, you will need to check that your policy is providing this.

insurance brokers essexYou may have seen the term ‘personal possessions’ on your policy – this is where you can cover items such as jewellery away from the property.

Your policy may come with unspecified personal possessions cover, however, sometimes this cover comes with ‘inner limits’ and ‘single article limits’, which means if you have a piece of jewellery that is more expensive than this, you may not be fully covered in the event of a claim.

Its our view that you are always better off if you specify the items.

Another good idea is to have the item(s) valued regularly to ensure you are adequately covered, as the price of jewellery can increase dramatically over the years.

Finally, take some photos of yourself with or wearing the jewellery, which always helps prove you owned it if you have a big loss and don’t have proof of purchase.

Free review of your Jewellery Insurance

Contact us today for a free and no-obligation review of your insurance – we may be able to improve your cover, your premium, or both!

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