B is for Bakery Insurance

One of our biggest clients is a large bakery in the West Midlands.  They make breads and all associated products, which they deliver all over the UK.

We’ve been working with them for a couple of years now to help them with their Bakery Insurance.

insurance brokers essexAs you’d imagine, bakeries have a variety of Insurance needs,  as they are preparing food, employing staff, and transporting products to customers, often running a fleet of vehicles.

What’s covered with Bakery Insurance?

Our client has a robust insurance programme, which we’ve built with them.

Of course, every bakery will have slightly different needs and so we’d work with each one differently to ensure they get a bespoke insurance programme.

Here are just a few areas we include within this client’s Bakery Insurance

  • Products Liability for the food they produce
  • Damage to their stock both at their premises and in transit to customers
  • Motor Insurance for their fleet of delivery vans
  • Loss of Profits in the event their premises is damaged following an insured event
  • Employers Liability Insurance to cover them for claims made by their staff for injury or property damage
  • Public Liability Insurance to cover them for claims made by third parties for injury or property damage

bakery insuranceWe don’t just organise this for them though, we’re constantly working with them to ensure their continued protection.

Particularly, we help them a lot with their Motor Fleet Insurance – as they are constantly hiring temporary and permanent vehicles, they know they can rely on us to get these vehicles insured promptly when they need it.

They also get to pay for all of their insurance covers on one single monthly Direct Debit.

If you are a Bakery or know any bakeries that we might be able to help, we’d love to hear from you.


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