A is for Accountants Insurance

Accountants are great, aren’t they?  They keep us on the straight and narrow and make sure our tax payments are not too much and not too little!

accountants insuranceOf course, as they are dealing with matters like tax returns, company accounts and so on, many Accountants are required by their regulatory body to carry Accountants Professional Indemnity Insurance, and those who aren’t required to have it tend to take it anyway, to protect themselves against claims for alleged errors or omissions.

We look after a number of Accountancy practices, large and small, helping them make sure their insurance arrangements are comprehensive for a competitive price.

The covers we often organise are Professional Indemnity, Public Liability, Employers Liability and Office contents to name a few.

Accountants Insurance Case study 1

One accountant we work with approached me lately for another Office Insurance package  to cover a company he owns that operates from the same office.  Essentially it is just a Ltd company that’s been established to rent the building he owns back to his accountancy practice.  He was paying for two office policies – one with us for the accountancy firm and another for the other company.

As experts in Business Insurance, we managed to cover him under the policy he already had, meaning he could cancel the other policy he had and save some money.

Accountants Insurance Case study 2

One firm of accountants approached us to provide a quote for their Professional Indemnity cover. They had a policy already with a well known Insurance company but it wasn’t quite set up properly.

The company had been through a number of changes throughout the years.  First the owner operated as a sole trader, then formed a Ltd company and later merged with another practice for a short time.  When he came to start his own practice again, with clients he had won and worked for throughout the years, none of this had been catered for in his Professional Indemnity Insurance.

insurance brokers essexWe arranged wider cover for him on the correct basis and saved him money – he was delighted!

If you’re an Accountant and any of these stories resonate with you, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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