Motor Trade Insurance

Motor Trade Insurance is designed for repair garages, car dealers and many other businesses associated with the Motor Trade.  It can provide a wide amount of cover for businesses that need to operate not only their own vehicles but also vehicles belonging to customers. It is also there to help keep the business owners, customers and employees protected.

Do You need Motor Trade Insurance?

There is a range of business types that will need Motor Trade Motor Trade InsuranceInsurance cover.

Take a look at the types of businesses that may need to be protected

  • New car dealerships
  • Service and repair of Motor Vehicles
  • Second hand car dealerships
  • Private vehicle sales
  • All types of vehicle mechanic

This is only a short list of what can be protected by Motor Trade Insurance.

There are different options when it comes to the level of cover you can get from this type of cover

  • Third Party Motor Trade Insurance
  • Third Party Fire and Theft Motor Trade Insurance
  • Comprehensive Motor Trade Insurance

What does Motor Trade Insurance Cover me for?

This will depend on the level of cover you have chosen you should be able to tell by checking your policy scheduled.

Below are list what can be covered by Motor Trade Insurance

  • Legal fees
  • Driving of owned vehicles, stock vehicles, or customers vehicles
  • Vehicle & Material StockMotor Trade Insurance
  • Damage to portable hand tools
  • Damage to goods being transported
  • Damage to all customer vehicles
  • Damage to business premises
  • Theft of vehicles on-site

Motor Trade and Motor Fleet Insurance are two different types of Insurance

Be sure you are not getting confused with Motor Fleet Insurance. This is for businesses that are not necessarily in the Motor Trade but operate two vehicles or more.  It is designed to allow multiple vehicles on one policy with flexibility in terms of cover and drivers.

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