Business Insurance for Tradesmen

Tradesman Insurance covers a whole range of different professions from Builders to Hairdressers.

If your work involves working in a hands-on trade, whether as a one-man band or with a team of employees, you should consider Insurance for Tradesmen.

Each of these professions comes with their own risks, so it’s important to protect your staff, tools and reputation.


What Insurance do Tradesmen need?

All tradesman should consider Liability cover. However organised, prepared and careful you are accidents can happen. And, if they do, the financial implications can be significant for you and your business.

Public Liability Insurance can cover the legal costs, and compensation payments, that your company could be liable for should you or one of your employees cause damage to property, or injury to a person in connection with your business.

If you have employees it is also a legal requirement for most businesses in the UK that you have Employers Liability Insurance. If you’re self-employed and have employed one or more people, then you will also need to be covered. This insurance covers the cost of defending or negotiating an employee’s claim that they have suffered bodily injury or disease due to the work they do for you. It can also cover the cost of defending a related criminal prosecution if the accident or disease happened due to a law or regulation had been

If you are in the building trade particularly you should also consider Contract Works Insurance. This is designed to cover work that’s underway on a site. It may pay to repair or redo the work that’s in progress if it’s damaged by an insured event like fire, storm, flood or theft.

As a tradesman there are unfortunately many other instances where you may sustain a financial loss: for example, your tools may be stolen or your own or hired-in plant may be stolen.

With the right insurance in place, the financial impact of such events can be lessened. As experienced Insurance Brokers we can help ensure you have cover which is is specifically tailored to your needs, cover which accommodates the subtle differences in risk between trades.


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