Insurance for Flat Roofs

The image on the right hand side of the screen shows you whyflat roofs Insurers do not like flat roofs. As you can see the rain water has
gathered on the flat surface. Weather damage is very likely and this can create losses, which means it is likely that you could be making claims.


The Risks of having a Flat Roof

The UK is known for its temperamental climate, we see high levels of rainfall and even heavy snow at times. A flat roof is unsuitable for these types of conditions. Rain water, snow and ice gather on the flat surface, rather than sliding off of it.flat roofs in city

Flat roofs have a tendency for leaks, they also have a shorter life
span compared to a traditional roof, and they need more maintenance.

If a leak occurs on a flat roof, damage can often go unnoticed for long periods of time as water penetrates and soaks through. This can lead to expensive damage repairs and can weaken the roof structure if left.

Flat roofs are also seen as more of an insurance risk as some are seen to offer easier access to burglars, which increases the risk of theft.

Insurers and Flat Roofs

Insurers will ask for an estimate of the percentage of the roof area that is flat.

  • If the flat roof is less than 30% then this is unlikely to affect your insurance
  • If the roof is more than 30% then you may need cover by a specialist insurer, as this can be considered a non-standard construction; your premium may rise and special terms could be applied.

The Insurer will take in to account whether the roof has been recently repaired and if it uses modern materials that can offer better resistance against the elements than older roofs.

Some Insurers may request regular inspections of the roof, for example every eight years, and any repairs needed are undertaken immediately, this can help you keep your property in a good state of repair and prevent expense for both you and your insurer.

Try not to under-estimate the amount of your roof that is flat, giving inaccurate information to insurers could invalidate your policy.


Flat Roof Construction

Here are some of the correct materials and methods that should be used when building a flat roof to help prevent damages

  • Felt over timber beams
  • Asphalt (black, tar-like substance, designed to be impervious new roof constructionto moisture)
  • Bitumen (black, sticky substance, similar to asphalt)
  • Concrete
  • Metal
  • Green roofs – turf or grass
  • Membrane
  • Sarnafil
  • Fibreglass

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