Why you should insure your company vehicles with Fleet Insurance

To buy Fleet Insurance all you need is two or more vehicles. Manyfleet insurance businesses operating a number of vehicles spend more than they need to on their Insurance and haven’t been getting the best price
for their existing Fleet policy.

Why Fleet Insurance is the best solution for multiple vehicles

Some businesses simply buy another single vehicle policy when they buy or lease a new van or car. This may end up being rather expensive when looking at all of the Insurance premiums all together, as well as the admin involved and making sure all the right drivers are allowed to drive the right vehicles. With Fleet Insurance, there would be one annual premium to deal with once a year and typically all drivers all drivers can drive all vehicles.

How you can save money with Fleet Insurance

If you buy or lease additional vehicle and you don’t have a Fleetfleet insurance policy it is likely you’ll find yourself arranging another single vehicle policy, however you will not have any no claim bonus to apply, because you’re using it on your other vehicle/s. Usually this means there could be a very costly first few years of Insuring that vehicle. Fleet Insurance premiums are often calculating differently which could be a more cost effective route to take.

Some benefits to Fleet Insurance

People who have Fleet Insurance benefit from the flexibility of the any driver basis. This means that anyone who has the permission of the policy holder is allowed to drive any vehicle on the policy without being named on the policy (subject to certain criteria).

Another benefit to some Fleet Insurance polices is that you can add or remove multiple vehicles as and when you need to, quickly and easily.

So if you own two or more vehicles we can talk you through the process and give you some advice. If you are looking to find out more feel free to contact us.


Testimonial “We have used Evans Insurance Brokers for our company fleet policy for a number of years now. We initially decided to use them due to the amount of money they saved on the policy with a better level of cover. What really impressed me was when we needed to make a claim on the fleet policy, it was dealt with in a professional manner without the normal level of fuss that you get insurance companies. From start to finish Evans insurance dealt with the claim, keeping us informed at every step. I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone that has a requirement for a fleet policy” – Rob Terry, Nationwide Ventilation