G is for Groundworkers Insurance

groundworkers insuranceI’ve looked after Groundworkers Insurance for many years now.

Due to the nature of their work, Groundworkers can often find themselves paying hefty premiums for their Groundworkers Insurance.

What’s covered under Groundworkers Insurance

There are several different types of Groundworkers Insurance available.  Here’s a short list of what you can include in your policies:

  • Public Liability
  • Products Liability
  • Employers Liability
  • Own Plantinsurance brokers essex
  • Hired in Plant
  • Contractors All Risks
  • Commercial Legal Expenses
  • Hand Tools

What to look out for when reviewing your Groundworkers Insurance

Commercial Insurance can be a minefield, so we’d always recommend using an expert.  However, here is a short list of things you can look at, to determine whether you need to speak to someone sooner rather than later:

Depth Limit – Most Groundworkers Liability Insurance policies come with a depth limit. This can range from 1, 2, 5 or sometimes higher.  It is really important you have the correct depth limit, as any claims arising from damage below these depths could result in a claim not being paid.

Excesses – These can be really high, especially the ‘damage to underground services’ excess.  Take a moment to check your policy to avoid any nasty surprises on this one.

Location restriction – some Groundworkers Insurance come with restrictions on where you can work if you want to be covered.  If you can find this in your paperwork, take some time to check if the locations you work at are mentioned in these restrictions.

End of year additional premium – watch out for these. Some policies will ask you to declare your turnover and salary/sub contractor payments when your policy is due for renewal.  If these amounts are more than you estimated at the start of your policy, you may find yourself with an invoice for an additional premium.

Get a no-obligation review of your Groundworkers Insurance

We’ve got some excellent policies for Groundworkers Insurance.  Contact us for a free review of your cover, without obligation.

We may be able to improve your cover, your premium, or both!

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