Window Cleaning Insurance – are you covered for breaking the window?

It sounds like a daft question, but if you paid good money for a window cleaning insurance policy, wouldn’t you want to be covered if you damaged some property, such as the window itself, whilst cleaning it?

window cleaning insuranceMany window cleaning insurance policies exclude this cover!

It’s hard to believe, but many liability insurance policies come with an exclusion to damage to property being worked on.

What this means is, even if your policy gives you Public Liability cover, and states you are a window cleaner, you still might not have cover for damage to property being worked on.

How do I know if my window cleaning insurance covers me for this?


It’s not always obvious when you look at your insurance paperwork, so it might be worth speaking to the broker or insurance company you originally used.  We have also reviewed a lot of policies like this lately, so we’d also be happy to give you a no-obligation review at no cost.

The smaller window cleaners are most at risk of having a policy that features this exclusion, as they are often sold a ‘tradesman’ insurance policy, which, whilst low-cost, usually comes with this exclusion in cover.

Can I add this cover to my window cleaning insurance?


If your policy doesn’t cover damage to property being worked on, it probably means you don’t have a specialist window cleaning insurance policy, but a standard business liability insurance policy instead.

Unfortunately you probably can’t add cover for damage to property being worked on, but you can get quotes any time for a window cleaning insurance policy that does include the cover, amongst other extra covers that you won’t get under a typical liability / tradesman insurance policy.

These policies provide really generous covers, and some of them are even backed by BIBA (British Insurance Brokers Association).