Q is for Quick Insurance quotes

Ok, I’ll admit,  I was struggling for a subject to talk about for the letter Q, in this the A-Z of our clients. But then I remembered something great I’d been meaning to share with you all.

So what do we say about Quick Insurance quotes?

The first thing I’d say is, if we were a restaurant, we’d have one ”those signs”:-

Fast food

That is to say, when it comes to Insurance, we work very hard to make sure everything we do is bespoke to each client and the cover is matched to their specific needs. This means significant time has to be invested for each and every customer.

insurance brokers essexBut it turns out our quotes ARE quick!

Despite our one-size-does-not-fit-all attitude, I was delighted this month when our latest customer surveys came back in, in which we ask our newest customers if they felt we moved quickly enough for them.

Everyone that responded to our survey for the month of September gave us TEN out of TEN for the speed at which we arranged quotes for them after our initial consultation.

So it turns out we arrange Quick Insurance quotes that are very high quality! That’s an amazing statistic that we’re really proud of!

Now to keep it up and continue to find more ways to better serve our customers.

So there you have it – good quality Insurance can be arranged quickly, if you speak to the right professionals.

If you’d like good quality Insurance, quickly, then contact us to discuss your requirements!


Evans Insurance Brokers – Insurance Brokers in Essex, serving clients throughout the UK.

” Daniel Evans provided an excellent service in allowing us to get a far better deal on our accountants insurance not only than the other quotes we had got but also the previous year. He did this at speed.”Keith Lesser, Lesser & Co Accountants


”I asked Dan(on the 19th December) if he could provide Public Liability insurance for my partner,who has a Holiday cottage in the Isle of Wight which was booked for Christmas; we were covered within 24hrs and at a very competitive rate,thanks to Dan’s Personable and Professional approach. ” – Sue Mallett, Sovereign Estate Planning