Life Insurance

So many people Insure their Cars, Homes and pets, but very few protect what is often considered to be the most valuable asset of all – themselves.

The thought that the breadwinners of our family could die or fall seriously ill is not one any of us like to dwell on, but for the sake of the family we provide for, we must consider what the future could hold – and protect ourselves accordingly.

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    Why Life Insurance is so important

    Life Insurance can help protect you and your loved ones in various ways.  A common example lies in the security of our homes.

    We work hard to pay rent or repay a mortgage which allows us to raise our family in the right environment. However if a major income stream stopped because of a death or serious illness, could you and your family afford to stay in the family home?

    We also want our children to have the best start in life but if you were not there to provide for them, would they still have the things you promised yourself they’d have?

    Providing a lump sum upon death, illness or disability, or an income if you were unable to work, is the best way of protecting your family should the worst happen.

    Life Insurance, if arranged correctly, can provide the funds for this.

    How does Life Insurance work?

    Life Insurance provides a lump sum on death and comes in two basic forms: term assurance and whole of life assurance.

    Term assurance provides cover for a specified period of time whereas whole of life assurance will provide a lump sum whenever death occurs provided contributions have been maintained for the duration of the plan.

    Term plans are typically used when covering a financial liability that will reduce or end in the future, for example repayment of a mortgage or to provide a sum to cover the cost of educating your children.

    Whole of life plans are typically designed to cover liabilities that will arise on your death, no matter when that is, such as an Inheritance Tax bill or to supplement what you leave to your heirs. Whole of life plans are also used where the period of cover is unknown or uncertain.

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      How to get quotes for Life Insurance

      Since Life Insurance provides such personal and valuable protection, it is arguably one of the most important Insurance products out there, and this being the case, it is so important to make sure the cover you select is suited to your needs –  and that it will do what you expect it to, should you need to call upon it.

      We would urge all customers to think twice before they purchase Life Insurance on the Internet but instead, to discuss the options with an expert in this field.

      We have such experts at hand, so if you’d like some individual, no-obligation advice, just contact us by whatever method suits you best.

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