L is for Leased Vehicle Insurance

leased vehicle insuranceLately we’ve had an influx of enquiries where a company or individual needs Insurance for a vehicle they are leasing.

It seems there are some excellent deals out there for leasing vehicles these days.

We arrange Insurance for all kinds of vehicles, from one to ten, twenty or more and so have a lot of experience in arranging this kind of cover.

What to look out for with Leased Vehicle Insurance

Here’s a short list of issues we’ve identified for you to consider when looking at Leased Vehicle Insurance

  • Make it clear who owns the vehicle  – it’s really important that your Insurance company understands who owns the vehicle being insured.  This could be the leasing company or a financing company. 
  • Make it clear who is the registered keeper – similar to the above, this can vary, so make sure you know and inform your insurer who the registered keeper is. 
  • Make sure the Insurance is in the right name – make sure the leased vehicle Insurance policy is in the name of the person or company that is named on the lease agreement. 
  • Only use no claims bonus you’re entitled to! – this gets a little sticky, so seek further guidance from your provider, but, the message here is that if you have maximum no claims discount in your own name, but the lease and the proposed insurance is in a company name, it is likely that the new insurer will not recognise your no claims discount to the extent you’d like.

As you can see, arranging leased vehicle Insurance can be a minefield – contact us for free and no obligation quotes and advice. 

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