Insurance for vacant properties following death

Unoccupied buildings insuranceI’m often asked by a local firm of solicitors to arrange Unoccupied Buildings Insurance, for properties where the owner has sadly passed away.

It’s not a very nice thing to have to deal with, but if you’re acting for the estate of recently deceased person, you will need to review their buildings and contents insurance.

Many insurance companies are not keen on insuring empty properties but also when the policyholder passes away, the whole policy for all intents and purposes is no longer valid.

An unoccupied buildings insurance policy in the name of the Executors can cover the buildings (and any contents if required) whilst the property is being sold or let to tenants.

As we deal with this type of request regularly and have access to several specialist insurers that cater for unoccupied properties, we are always able to arrange this cover quickly for our solicitor clients.

If you’re handling an estate that includes the deceased’s building, contact us for a speedy and no obligation quotation.


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