Guest Blog: Protecting you and your family from life’s unwelcome events

Protecting you and your family from life’s unwelcome events


No-one can be sure what life has in store for us, that’s why it’s important to have in place plans that would provide financially for you and your family should the unexpected occur. 

Most of us are aware that there are policies available that provide life insurance, protect us in the event of a critical illness, pay out if we had an accident and were unable to work, and can protect our home and possessions.

But with so many different types of policy available in the marketplace, it can be hard to know which one is right for your circumstances and offers the best value for money.

However, putting off the decision to take out cover could jeopardise your family’s financial future should the worst happen.

We all want to do the best for our families, and keep them properly protected on every occasion. Overlooking the need for life cover could mean that you’d leave your family with money worries at the worst possible time.

If you need convincing that life insurance is a good product to buy, ask yourself this question. If you were to die, how much money would your family have to live on? Many families would find themselves running short of money very quickly.

Your salary would stop, but the household bills would keep coming in. A payout from a policy could make the difference between your loved ones facing a financial struggle at a challenging and emotional period in their lives, and being able to maintain the sort of lifestyle they enjoyed when you were still around.

Choosing the right policy, or combination of policies to provide the right level of protection you need can be a daunting task if you try to do it on your own.   A protection adviser will be able to review your personal circumstances and recommend the type of insurance you need, giving you and your family the reassurance and peace of mind that protection insurance can bring.

Rebecca Tully

Rebecca enjoyed a successful 10 year career working for a multinational telecoms provider before moving to local company, St Edmundsbury Financial Services.  Here, Rebecca set up, and managed, the 3SQ Employee Benefits brand, primarily helping small businesses to comply with the workplace pensions legislation, Automatic Enrolment.

More recently, Rebecca has moved to sister company Larkbridge Mortgages Ltd, into a Protection Specialist role.  Rebecca works closely with her clients, identifying their personal protection shortfalls such as Life Assurance, Critical Illness Cover, Income Protection and their corporate protection shortfalls such as Key Person Insurance, Shareholder Protection and Relevant Life Plans.

For more information, or a no obligation discussion, please contact Rebecca on 01284 729250, or