Groundworkers Insurance – know your limits!

groundworkers insuranceI won a new client this week who needed help with their Groundworkers Insurance. They had a policy in place which they hadn’t really reviewed for some time.

Typically, most Groundworkers ask me for the following kinds of Insurance:

  • Public / Products Liability Insurance
  • Employers Liability Insurance
  • Motor Fleet Insurance
  • Plant Insurance

Their Liability policy had been set up on a ‘per capita’ policy, which in English means that cover is provided and charged for ‘per person’. For example 2 Clerical workers and 5 manual workers.

I am always a little cautious with these policies as they can be slightly inflexible for anyone whose staff numbers fluctuate a lot (there are more flexible ways of arranging Groundworkers Insurance but both have their merits).

It turned out that the Groundworkers Insurance they had in place for their Public and Employers Liability Insurance was based on completely incorrect and out of date figures, and as a result the company was paying around 80% more than they needed to.

groundworkers insuranceGroundworkers Insurance has other limits too!

Whilst the out of date information on staff meant that the client was paying too much for their Groundworkers Insurance, they were Insured all the same.

However, the policy they had came with a three metre depth limit, meaning that no cover was provided for claims arising from work below three metres depth. The client wasn’t aware of this when I asked them how deep they work and they replied ”5 metres” !!!.

As we had been invited to quote for the company, I sourced a range of quotations on the correct basis, meeting their requirements.

In the end we saved the client around 80% on their Groundworkers Insurance, which in this case equated to a saving of around £1,000. Not only that, but the policy I found for them gave them the five metre depth limit that they should have had all along!


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