Save money on your Insurance (or even get it for free!)

Introducing our Customer Referral Scheme

As the majority of our new customers come to us by word of mouth, we decided it was time to give something back.

Our exclusive Customer Referral Scheme is ideal for anyone who would like to get money off their own Insurance with us (or even get it for free!) by recommending their friends, family, customers etc.

Simple and effective

The scheme is simple - tell your contacts about us,  how we've helped you, and encourage them to take a free quote from us.

How you'll both benefit

The first time one of your contacts arranges their Insurance with us, we will credit your account with 10% of the income we've earned from that sale and send your friend a £10.00 Amazon voucher!

The second time another of your contacts arranges their Insurance with us, we will credit your account with 20% of the income we've earned from that sale and send your friend a £10.00 Amazon voucher!

The third time another of your contacts arranges their Insurance with us, we will credit your account with 30% of the income we've earned from that new sale and, you guessed it - we'll send your friend a £10.00 Amazon voucher!


In January,  John refers his brother to us who takes Insurance, earning us £300.00 income.

- John gets £30.00 credited to his account with us.

In March, John refers one of his clients to us who earns us another £300.00.

- This time John gets £60.00 credited to his account.

In June, John recommends his supplier to us, who earns us £300.00.

- John gets £90 credited to his account this time, making a total of £180.00.

In July, John renews his own Insurance with us, and his policy costs him £350.00 per year.

By recommending his contacts to us, John uses the credit on his account towards his own Insurance bill and only pays £170!!!

Start building your discount today by recommending your friends, family and contacts!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: ''What types of Insurance can my contacts get from you?''

A:   We can help your contacts with Business Insurance, Property/Landlord Insurance and Domestic Insurance (Home, Car, Travel etc).  If you are unsure whether we can help someone, call us on 01708 289 525 and we will happily talk it through with you before you recommend us.

Q:  ''I'm not a client yet but if I recommend people to you first, can I benefit from the scheme?''

A:   Yes - we will create a client file for you and credit it in the normal way.  Then, when you become a client, the discount you've built up will be offset against your first purchase with us.

Q:  "How will you identify the original introducer where the prospect is known by several Evans Insurance customers?''

A: The first person to contact us with the referral is classed as the original introducer

Q: "I told somebody to contact you directly - can I have credits?"

A: Yes, as long as the customer tells us from the outset that they're calling on your recommendation.

Q:  ''When will my account get credited?''

A:  As soon as we receive our income from the sale.  This can take between 30-90 days

Q: ''Can I have the money instead?''

A: At the moment our Customer Referral scheme allows the credit on your account to be used against your next purchase with us only.  However, if you are a business owner or have access to large quantities of prospective clients, you may want to consider our ''Introducer scheme''.

Q: ''What if my credits are more than my Insurance renewal cost?''

A: In this scenario we would send you a cheque for the extra credit, but any further credits earned would then be applied to your account in the normal way to be offset against your next purchase.

 Terms and Conditions        

  1. Subject to a minimum commission income value of £50.00.
  2. Referral counter "resets" 12 months after your last referral and credits reverts to 10% for no.1, 20% for no.2 etc.
  3. We reserve the right to withdraw credit from your account where the customer you recommended cancels their Insurance and this results in a loss of the income we earned.
  4. In the event that you do not renew your own Insurance with us , you will have 6 months from the renewal date to use your credit against purchase of another product or nominate someone who intends to make a purchase with us to receive your credit.
  5. We reserve the right to amend or withdraw the scheme at any time without notice. Any credits already earned will remain on your account and all other terms and conditions apply.
  6. The percentage of our income relates to our commission income and not the actual Insurance policy premium.
  7. No credit is awarded for subsequent purchases made by your recommended customer. If this is of interest, ask us about our Introducer scheme
  8. Scheme not available to anyone who is on our Introducer Scheme
  9. Amazon Voucher must be requested by the new customer once their premium is settled, with the correct email address to send it to (the voucher is sent digitally).
  10. To claim your voucher, simply contact us with proof of payment for your newly taken out policy.