Commercial Premises Insurance

There are two types of people who might need commercial premises insurance:property insurance broker

If you own and rent out a commercial premises

If you are a landlord, renting our a property to a business, for example a shop or industrial unit, then there will be several areas of insurance that you will want to consider, most of which can be purchased together on one policy.

Typical let commercial premises insurance can includes covers such as:

  • Buildings Insurance
  • Contents Insurance
  • Loss of Rent Insurance
  • Alternative Accommodation
  • Property Owners Liability
  • Landlords Legal Expenses
  • Tenant Disputes
  • Rent Recovery
If you rent a commercial premises out to tenants, be sure to speak to a property insurance broker to ensure you have the right cover
for a competitive price. A good broker will do this work for you each year to ensure you are getting the best deal.

If you are a tenant in a commercial premises

If you are renting your commercial premises from a landlord, you will have slightly different concerns, and may want to look into a policy that covers your business contents and stock, company liability and, in some cases where the lease dictates, you might even be responsible for insuring the buildings.

A typical business insurance policy for a tenant of a commercial premsies can include:

business insurance broker

  • Buildings Insurance
  • Contents & Stock Insurance
  • Computer equipment
  • Loss of income / profit
  • Public / Products / Employers Liability
  • Money cover

If you are renting a commercial premises from a landlord for your business, you may want to speak to a business insurance broker, who will make sure you have the right cover for your business at a competitive price. Again, a good broker will do this work for you every year to make sure you are getting the best deal for your money.