Carpet Cleaning Insurance Requirements

cleaning insuranceI was contacted on Monday by a gentleman who is setting up a Carpet Cleaning company, and wanted to know what his Carpet Cleaning Insurance requirements would be.

Being a firm believer in ”one size does not fit all”, I took some time to get to know exactly how the business would work, what sort of premises the company will work on etc, so that he can get Cleaning Insurance policy that has been built to suit his business.

However, for anyone out there that is thinking about starting a similar company, or already has one but isn’t sure they have everything they need, here are some things to consider when looking at your Carpet Cleaning Insurance requirements:-

cleaning insurancePublic and Products Liability

Most people have heard of this cover, which in a nutshell provides cover in the event that a third party (customer or member of the public) takes a legal action against you for causing injury or property damage.

Employers Liability 

Another well-known cover (at least by name).  If you have staff (and sometimes even if you don’t under some circumstances) you are required by Law to have this cover, which responds to claims made against you by employees where you have caused injury or property damage.

Must-have extensions to your Carpet Cleaning Insurance

Damage to Property being worked on

I know it sounds a bit odd, but there are a lot of Insurance policies around that specifically exclude cover for damage to property being worked on.  Personally I think this is essential cover, and anything less isn’t worth having, but that’s just my own view.

carpet cleaning insurance requirementsTreatment Risks

Another cover that is not always provided; this responds to claims where any treatments or cleaning solutions you apply to carpets or upholstery cause damage.  Again, this is rarely given as part of Liability Insurance policies.

There are of course lots of other areas to consider when taking our Cleaning Insurance, and I’ll touch on a few more next time.

In the meantime, we always welcome your questions or requests for free no-obligation quotations.

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