Insurance for Cake Makers – What you ‘knead’ to know

The Great British Bake Off, amongst other television programmes, has inspired many ‘cake-preneurs’ to whisk, knead and roll in to baking. Turning this hobby in to a business venture is increasingly on the rise.

So if you’re planning on baking up a delight of a business you’ll need to ensure you have the right insurance in place. Insurance for you, your business, your equipment and your home (if you bake there).

Why Cake Makers, Bakers and Decorators need Insurance

You might not think a sweet little cupcake could do much damage.

But there’s always a chance of possible loss, damage or theft of your cake making utensils, damage to your kitchen, or an expensive claim if a customer is injured or worse due to your work.

These incidents might result in financial difficulties for you and your company.

Liability Insurance – This protects you if you cause injury to a third party during the course of your work, or cause property damage through some negligence on your own part. It covers against most of the unexpected incidents that you could be liable for.

Home Insurance – If you’re baking from home you’ll have to be sure your home insurers know about it and are happy to maintain cover. They might look to include some special terms, especially if you have business visitors.

We can provide tailor made insurance policies to also cover your equipment and

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It’s a piece of cake!