Tips For A Safe Bonfire Night

Nothing beats a good old fashioned Bonfire and setting off fireworks in your back garden. It’s simply a British tradition. Feeling the warmth from the bonfire on your hands and face, and playing with some sparklers in your garden.

Are you covered?

You will need to take into consideration if you have the correct insurance cover, for your house and car. If an unfortunate event takes place and you do not have the correct cover, you may end up paying a lot of money for some damages that could’ve been prevented.

So here are some friendly tips on how to have a fun and stress-free Bonfire night.

Be ready for anything!

Before starting the fun:

  • Arrange a bucket of water, and if you can a bucket of sand, to use to put out any fire.
  • Light the bonfire and set off the fireworks.
  • Fireworks, bonfires and alcohol aren’t a good mix. So make sure if you do drink, it is after you have enjoyed your bonfire and fireworks.
  • When making your bonfire do not use flammable liquids to light it.
  • Before lighting the bonfire make sure young children and animals are inside safe and sound.
  • Buy your fireworks from a trusted source
  • Stand well back from the bonfire and fireworks display
  • Point fireworks away from people and buildings
  • Always consider how much space you have in your garden, if you have a small garden perhaps consider watching a fireworks display in your local area
  • Be sure your car is parked in a safe place, as fireworks could end up damaging your vehicle

Following safety tips is always important, you wouldn’t want to end up with a stray firework flying through an open window, and creating a house fire. Or if it is a windy night there could be a chance of fire from your bonfire being blown towards a tree or your house, a lot of damage could be caused from this. So make sure you are a sensible distance from your house, trees, and fences. Be aware of what is around you.

Children should always be supervised

Sparklers will often be seen as a lot of fun on bonfire night. But they also burn at very high temperatures. The sparkler should be used arms-length from the child’s face/body, and they shouldn’t be waved in anyone’s face. Be sure the sparkler is put into a bucket of water once it has gone out. Keep an eye on any children whilst they enjoy their selves.big-bonfire-nighttime-57712792

Enjoy Your Bonfire Night!

Bonfire night is a great time for both you and your family to enjoy. If you are ready for anything, then everyone will be able to enjoy their selves, while keeping all risks low!


Make sure you enjoy yourself!