Specialist Insurance via Practical HR


Please print and complete your application form then email to PHR@evansinsurance.co.uk :-

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Once in receipt of your completed form, we will then be able to confirm the premium and terms for both Employment Practices Liability as well as full Management Liability* (recommended).

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Please note all prices quoted do not include our £35.00 admin fee, which is invoiced separately.

*Why we recommend Full Management Liability


In addition to Employment Practices Liability, we would strongly recommend you also take out Directors & Officers Insurance as well as Corporate Legal Liability cover.

Directors’ and Officers’ Liability

This covers your personal wealth for defence costs incurred during a claim and awards made against you. For example:

  • claims by investors or other shareholders (including other directors)
  • defence costs and awards of claims arising from your personal involvement with the administration of any company pension

Claims example

Mismanagement – a director of a sporting goods group faced a claim from his former employer after allegations that he had acted in breach of his duties as a director in running the business.

Costs in successfully defending the director were more than £30,000.

Corporate Legal Liability

This covers your company against defence costs and awards associated with events such as:

  • allegations you have breached regulations, for example Tax, Health & Safety or Trading Standards
  • claims by investors or shareholders
  • direct financial loss from employee dishonesty.

Claims Example

Pensions Error – an employee of a management consultancy group made a claim alleging that the company had not added her to the group’s pension scheme as instructed a number of years earlier.

The company were held liable and were required to pay £20,000 to compensate for her loss.


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