Mobile Phone & Gadget Insurance

Mobile Phone & Gadget Insurance is a cost effective way to insure your mobile phones and other electronic equipment both inside the home and whilst you are out and about.

It’s only when something goes wrong and we have to replace these products that we understand the true value of our every day Gadgets.

If you’re looking to protect your mobile phone or gadgets, Evans Insurance Brokers are able to refer you to i-Digital Insurance for a quote. Please note that in doing so, we are not providing any advice as to the suitability of this product.

Which Gadgets can I protect with Gadget Insurance?

Most everyday Gadgets can be insured. We cover smart phones such as iPhones, other Mobile Phones, Smart Watches, Laptops, iPads and other Tablet devices, Sat Navs, Game Consoles, Portable DVD Players, iPods and other MP3 players, Digital Cameras and Lenses, Kindles and other e-readers.

Digital Cameras and Lenses are insured individually as separate items.

Under the Premier Plan we also offer to insure your digital downloads purchased by you and downloaded from the internet on to the Gadget you insure.

Often the value of these downloads can be more than the value of the Gadget on which they are stored.

What is the difference between each Plan?

Essential – Each gadget is insured up to £500 for Theft, Accidental Damage, Breakdown* and Malicious Damage. Single items policies have a maximum claim limit of £1,000 in any one year but there is no limit to the number of claims that may be made under the new multi item policy.

Essential Plus – In addition to the cover provided by the Essential Plan, Essential Plus includes cover for Accidental Loss of your gadgets. Also, each gadget is insured up to an increased limit of £750. The maximum amount you can claim in any one year is £1,500 for single item policies but there is no limit to the number of claims that may be made under out multi item policy.

Premier – The highest level of cover which automatically includes all of the benefits of the Essential Plus Plan as well as Fraudulent Use of your phone should it be lost or stolen. Cover for your digital downloads held on the equipment you insure is also included should you irretrievably lose these. Downloaded material may include music, games, videos, apps, ebooks or any other software you have downloaded for a fee. The claims limit for each gadget is £1,000 and the maximum amount you can claim in any one year is £2,500 for single item policies but there is no limit to the number of claims that may be made under out multi item policy.

  • All Plans include cover for Accessories such as battery chargers, carrying cases and hands-free mounting kits up to a combined retail price of £250 including VAT.
  • All Plans also include cover for use of our gadget anywhere in the world up to a maximum of 90 days in total in any one single 12 month period.
  • Fraudulent Use cover under the Premier Plan is up to a maximum limit of £1,000 and cover will only apply to unauthorised calls made within 12 hours of discovery of the loss or theft of the phone.
  • i-Digital offers a short online application process to help you obtain your cover quickly and easily. The insurers’ call centres for policy administration and claims are in the UK and you can talk to knowledgeable staff who are waiting to help you.
  • We offer an annual or a monthly rolling policy to give you maximum flexibility.

It’s important to read the policy documents and understand what’s covered and when. When you go through the online quote system you will be given the opportunity to read these before you commit to taking out a policy.

*Breakdown cover is not available for Laptops


How many Gadgets can I insure?

With Mobile Phone & Gadget Insurance you can insure a single Gadget or up to five items under the same policy.

If you want more than 5 Gadgets covered you can take out any number of policies. The important thing to remember is that you or your employer must own the Gadgets (as shown by the proof of purchase) in order to take out the insurance.

Is there an age restriction on the items I can insure?

The item must be less than 24 months old from the date it was purchased as new (12 months for Laptops) at the time the insurance is first purchased.

Does my home insurance policy cover my Gadgets?

If your home insurance policy includes ‘Personal Belongings’ insurance away from the home or ‘All Risks Cover’ you should check whether it covers your Gadgets. Normally items under Personal Belongings or All Risks Cover will only be covered for theft or accidental damage but not for breakdown. The excess on a home insurance policy may also be higher than the policy excess.

When does my cover commence?

There is an initial 14 day period during which, if your Gadget is stolen, lost, damaged or breaks down, you will not be able to claim and this is called the “exclusion period”. The exclusion period is:

  • 14 days after the start date of your policy
  • 14 days after any change to your policy in which you add a Gadget to your policy or replace a current insured Gadget – the exclusion period applies to the Gadget you add.

Please note that if you have an annual policy the exclusion period will only apply when you first take out the policy. If you renew your annual policy in 12 months time, the exclusion period will not re-apply at renewal.

If I choose to payct  my premium monthly, do I need to renew the policy?

There is no need for you to instruus to renew your Mobile Phone & Gadget Insurance policy. If you select monthly rolling periods of cover, the insurance will continue by periods of one month at a time on receipt of each monthly premium which is collected by the policy administrator by Direct Debit.


How do I renew an annual policy?

You will be contacted up to 30 days before the annual renewal date and we will tell you about any changes to the premium or the policy terms and conditions and how to renew your policy. Annual premiums are collected by the policy administrator by Credit or Debit card.

If you have an annual policy, we would only change the cover or price at your next annual renewal date. You will be contacted up to 30 days before the annual renewal date and we will tell you about any changes to the premium or the policy terms and conditions.

If you have a monthly rolling policy, you will receive at least two months notice if we decide or need to change your policy cover or price. Should we make a change to the cover or price we will not make another change for at least six months.

How can the policy be cancelled?

If you decide that for any reason, this policy does not meet your insurance needs then please return it to thepolicy administrator within 14 days from the day of purchase or the day on which you receive your policy documentation, whichever is the later. On the condition that no claims have been made or are pending, we will then refund your premium in full.

If you wish to cancel your Policy after 14 days and you pay your premium monthly there will be no refund because you will have only paid for the cover you have already received.

If you wish to cancel your Policy after 14 days and you pay an annual premium in full once a year then, provided no claim has been made, you will receive a proportionate refund of the annual premium.

The Insurer shall not be bound to accept renewal of any insurance and may at any time cancel any insurance document by giving 14 days notice in writing where there is a valid reason for doing so. A cancellation letter will be sent to you at your last known address. Valid reasons may include but are not limited to:

  • Fraud
  • Non-payment of premium
  • Threatening and abusive behaviour
  • Non-compliance with policy terms and conditions

Provided the premium has been paid in full you will be entitled to a proportionate rebate of premium in respect of the unexpired period showing on the insurance.

How do I amend my policy?

If you wish to amend your Mobile Phone & Gadget Insurance policy to add, replace or remove any Gadgets please contact the policy administrator.

Who is the insurer?

This Mobile Phone & Gadget Insurance is underwritten by UK General Insurance Limited on behalf of Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) SE.

How soon will I receive all my policy documents?

We will email your policy documents immediately after purchase.

Can I insure my Gadget if I live outside the UK?

Unfortunately not, this policy is for Gadgets bought and used in the UK, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

If I purchased my Gadget abroad can I have cover?

No, the Gadget has to be bought in the UK, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.

Who can use my Gadgets?

You, your immediate family or an authorised user.

Please look at the policy carefully as conditions apply. However, immediate family means, if you are an individual, your mother, father, son, daughter, spouse, domestic partners who permanently resides with you. The policy must be taken out in your name and you must own the Gadget (as shown by the proof of purchase). There is no age limit on who may use the Gadget.

If the policy is owned and has been taken out by a business (firm, company or partnership), authorised users are registered employees who have been given your express permission to use the Gadget.

Whose Gadgets can I insure under my policy?

The Gadgets must be insured by the owner as shown on the proof of purchase whether that is an individual or business. If your gadget was received by you as a gift, it can be insured by you provided you hold the original proof of purchase.

Can my Gadget be used for business purposes?

Yes, all Gadgets are covered for both business and personal use. However, if the Gadget is owned by a business (firm, company or partnership) the insurance must be taken out in the name of that business and as a registered employee you must have your employer’s express permission to use the Gadget.

Can I insure second hand Gadgets?

This Mobile Phone & Gadget Insurance provides cover for Gadgets which are no more than 24 months old at the time of purchasing insurance (12 months old for Laptops). If you have purchased your Gadget from a recognised store and it is a second hand Gadget or one that has been refurbished, we need to see the original proof of purchase to show it is not more than 24 months old (12 months old for Laptops) and where it was purchased. Please note we do not accept proof of purchase from any auction website like Ebay or personal classified ad sites such as Gumtree for either the original purchase or any subsequent purchase.

Will my Mobile Phone or Gadget be replaced or repaired if it’s damaged?

This depends on the extent of the damage, the availability of parts and/or replacements, the value of the item and the cost of a replacement. Every case will be assessed individually.

Should we determine that the Gadget needs to be replaced following a valid claim, if it cannot be replaced with an identical Gadget of the same age and condition, we will replace it with one of comparable specification or the equivalent value, taking into account the age and condition of the original Gadget.

Is there an excess fee?

There is a policy excess applicable to each and every claim of £50. This is the amount you must contribute towards the claim).

Claims for digital downloads carry an additional excess of £25 for each claim.

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