Fleet Insurance Brokers – how many vehicles do I need to get a motor fleet insurance policy?

multi vehicle insuranceWhen you think of a motor fleet, do you imagine loads of cars or vans lined up in a car park? Or a row of heavy goods vehicles or coaches parked in a depot?

Whilst these images do reflect a fleet of vehicles, as far as motor fleet insurance is concerned, you can buy a motor fleet insurance policy with as little as two vehicles.

Many companies operating  a handful of vehicles often insure their vehicles separately on individual policies, with different renewal dates and varying levels of no claims bonus.

Sometimes however this can end up being quite expensive, and if you are insuring your vehicles on this basis, if you ever purchased another vehicle, you may find yourself paying a huge insurance premium; as you won’t have any no claims bonus to transfer to this new vehicle, if it is in addition to your fleet i.e. not replacing an older vehicle.

multi vehicle insurance, fleet insurance brokersMotor fleet insurance policies, also referred to as multi vehicle insurance, can cover all vehicles owned by a company under one policy, with one annual renewal date.¬† Fleet insurance clients can often beneift from the flexibility of an ‘any driver’ basis, meaning that anyone with the policyholder’s permission (subject to certain criteria) can drive any of the vehicles without being named on the policy.

There are a number of other benefits to insuring your vehicles on a motor fleet insurance policy, so if you have two or more, its worth at least looking into this with a fleet insurance broker.

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