Latest case studies

insurance brokers essexOn this page we will share with you short and succinct case studies, to give you an idea of the sort of ways we help our customers – if something you read here resonates with you, please get in touch.


Landlord – paying three times what he should have been!

We were asked by a commercial property owner to look at his Landlord Insurance.

The Insurance company and the policy he had was sound, but he was paying three times as much as he should have been.  We reduced his premium and improved his cover.

He commented that once he checked, his previous provider had been increasing the price dramatically every year and he hadn’t really noticed.


Electrical Contractor – premium reduced by 74%

We recently reduced an Electrician’s Insurance premium by 74%.  His circumstances had changed slightly since he took his policy out, which came up when we conducted our usual repeat factfinding exercise.

If left to their own devices, the Insurance company would have continued to charge him a higher amount, but by spending the time with him to ensure his cover kept up with the changes of his business, we made him a premium saving of 74%!


Block of flats – cover put right and premium reduced

We were asked to quote for some Block of flats Insurance and quickly realised the policy was not set up to meet the current needs of the company.    The policy had been set up on the basis that all occupants were working professional tenants.

After spending some time with the company, we discovered that the property was lived in by a retired owner, a DSS recipient as well as working tenants.  We arranged appropriate cover on the correct basis and reduced their premium by more than 10%


More case studies coming soon….