Insurance for Domestic Cleaners

Insurance for Domestic Cleaners


Insurance for Domestic Cleaners is an important issue, whether you’re one cleaner or a business owner employing many cleaners.

Even the most careful cleaners can have accidents or things go wrong for them, be it damaging something at the customer’s premises, staining fabric with a cleaning product or losing a customer’s keys.

insurance for domestic cleanersAs a Domestic Cleaner, it’s important you have the right Insurance for Domestic Cleaners, so that you’re fully protected if something should go wrong.

What you need to know about Insurance for Domestic Cleaners

The first and most important thing to know about Insurance for Domestic Cleaners is that not all policies are exactly the same

In fact, some policies exclude some really important cover, yet often cost the same or more!

There are several very important covers that your Insurance policy should include, but you won’t always get them, and it’s not always obvious.

Just one of the major differences that frequently occurs is ”Damage to property being worked upon”.

Would you believe that some Insurance policies for Domestic cleaners won’t cover you if you break something whilst cleaning it?

What’s included in our Insurance for Domestic Cleaners

As Independent Insurance Brokers, we work with many Domestic cleaners, from sole traders to larger companies, to make sure they get comprehensive cover for a competitive price every year.

Here are some of the things that are included with one of the best policies we have access to:

Damage to property being worked on

Surprisingly this can often be excluded under Liability insurance and even under some Domestic Cleaners Insurance policies!

Treatment Risks

Cover for Legal Liability in respect of damage to carpets, furnishings and upholstery caused by the cleaning process. This includes things like colour runs, shrinkage and wrongful application.

Loss of Keys

If you lose your customer’s keys, which results in replacement or alteration of locks at your customer’s premises, cover is available for this.



cleaning company insurance

Security of Customers Premises

Legal Liability following a lapse of security at your customer’s premises due to negligence

Damage to Property Taken Off Site for Cleaning

Sometimes you might need to take your customer’s property away from their premises for cleaning, renovation or repair.  If you do, cover is available for your Liability in respect of any loss or damage to that property.

Misuse of Customer Telephones

This covers any loss caused by misuse of customer’s telephones by an employee  (within certain limits)



Theft by Employees

Cover for direct loss of money or goods belonging to your customers by any act of theft (committed during the period of insurance) by your employees

Get comprehensive Insurance for Domestic Cleaners with interest free Direct Debit

Some of our most comprehensive policies even come with interest free instalment plans, so you can spread the cost over 12 month without paying any extra!

Contact us today to get a free no obligation quote for Insurance for Domestic Cleaners.

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