Home Insurance Claims

When taking out Home insurance, it isn’t always as easy as payingHome Insurance Claims an annual or monthly fee. Customers should take time to evaluate their Home Insurance Policy frequently, and keep in mind any changes that have been made or any damages that have happened within the property.

Why are Home Insurance Claims Denied 

Home insurance claims can be rejected for a number of reasons, some of which are fair and in-keeping with the policy terms and conditions while others can be argued if you have the right experience and representation from someone who knows the industry well. 

Examples of reasons for refusing to pay a claim are:

  • The claim is for damage which is not insured and is generally excluded from most policies e.g wear and tear 
  • The claim is for damage which is not insured but could have been if requested or a better policy taken out
  • Non-compliance with policy terms and conditions 
  • The policy holder has been dishonest or acted fraudulently 

Some Home Insurance policies can be very confusing, as it is not always clear what is actually covered, leading to policyholders not receiving a payout.

Another reason to why Home Insurance claims are rejected can be due to erosion, as well as a lack of maintenance throughout the home.

When a claim is made through Motor Insurance it is more likely that someone will receive pay out compared to Home Insurance claims. The process can be a lot simpler and also the policy can be easier to understand, which means there are fewer claims that are denied.

People who had their claims declined may have bought the wrong kind of cover, some claims may have been valued below the policy excess. Home Insurance policies can have add-ons added to them, but this can make the renewal more complex.


Tips for arranging Home Insurance

Here are a few tips to help you when you arrange your Home Insurance cover

  • Be sure you correctly describe the building materials of your propertyHome Insurance Claims
  • Only be away from your home for no longer than your policy states
  • Make the insurers aware of any safety feature in your home, such as fire alarms
  • Keep your home well maintained, as wear and tear may not be covered in your Insurance policy
  • Make sure you carefully consider the value of the building and your contents, as under-insurance can have a massive impact on your claim


Your building sum insured should cover the cost to rebuild your home.  When arranging contents insurance, it should cover all valuables within your property.

Call us for a no-obligation quote and review,  we can help you ensure you’re correctly protected as well as identify areas for potential premium savings.

Home Insurance Claims“Dan assisted one of my clients with some contents and building cover for his new home. Fast, efficient and hassle free. Can’t ask for more than that! Thanks a lot. More coming your way!” – Daniel Green, Daniel Green Wealth Managemen