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J is for Jewellery Insurance

J is for Jewellery Insurance   Jewellery is often chosen with great care and purchased or given for a special occasion. As a result, we become emotionally attached to our jewellery and it can be devastating to lose it, or have it stolen. If you […]

I is for I.T. Company Insurance

One of our clients runs a local I.T. Company, and we are privileged to look after his I.T. Company Insurance. If you’re an I.T. Company, there are various Insurance exposures that can be addressed by I.T. Company Insurance. What is I.T. Company Insurance I.T. Company Insurance protects […]

H is for Homeworkers Insurance

Homeworkers Insurance is a type of Insurance policy that was designed to meet the needs of businesses operating from home. It can also relate to cover for businesses who have a commercial premises but also have some of their employees working from home. Working from […]

G is for Groundworkers Insurance

I’ve looked after Groundworkers Insurance for many years now. Due to the nature of their work, Groundworkers can often find themselves paying hefty premiums for their Groundworkers Insurance. What’s covered under Groundworkers Insurance There are several different types of Groundworkers Insurance available.  Here’s a short […]

E is for Electricians Insurance

So we’re up to ‘E’ in the A-Z of our clients. E is for Electricians Insurance. We arrange Electricians Insurance for a number of Electrical Contractors, who come to us for various kinds of cover. What’s included in Electricians Insurance There are a number of […]

B is for Bakery Insurance

One of our biggest clients is a large bakery in the West Midlands.  They make breads and all associated products, which they deliver all over the UK. We’ve been working with them for a couple of years now to help them with their Bakery Insurance. […]

A is for Accountants Insurance

Accountants are great, aren’t they?  They keep us on the straight and narrow and make sure our tax payments are not too much and not too little! Of course, as they are dealing with matters like tax returns, company accounts and so on, many Accountants […]