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W is for Window Cleaners Insurance

If you’re paying good money for your Window Cleaning Insurance, you would usually expect to be covered for simple things such as, damaging the window that you are cleaning, right? It sounds silly but, many Liability Insurance Policies exclude ”damage to  property that is being worked […]

V is For Valuables Insurance

We always want to make sure that our prized possessions are safe, and if anything was to ever happen to them then they would be protected! Valuables are considered to be of a higher risk than other general household goods, and not only this but they […]

Tips For A Safe Bonfire Night

Nothing beats a good old fashioned Bonfire and setting off fireworks in your back garden. It’s simply a British tradition. Feeling the warmth from the bonfire on your hands and face, and playing with some sparklers in your garden. Are you covered? You will need […]

T is for Travel Insurance

  When planning a holiday, one of the last things people think about is often their Travel Insurance arrangements. You may need Travel Insurance for either your personal/family trip, or if you are organising a business trip. It is always important to be covered when […]

P is for Photographers Insurance

With photographers getting booked up months and sometimes years in advance, Photographers Insurance is vital to any professional photographer. A loss of or damage to equipment can have a serious impact on the business. Similarly, a legal case from a customer or venue can cost […]

O is for Office Insurance

Office Insurance is probably one of the most regularly purchased Business Insurance policies. It can include such a wide range of vital Insurance covers, all under one simple and reasonably priced package. What’s included in Office Insurance Office Insurance policies can vary sometimes, but typically […]

N is for New Business Insurance

If you are about to launch or have just launched a business, the first thing I would say is that no two businesses are the same, and therefore, each business will have its own specific needs and requirements when it comes to new business insurance. Because no […]

M is for Manufacturers Insurance

Manufacturers Insurance is a wide and varied topic. Manufacturers have a range of Insurance needs,  from protection against property or equipment being damaged, to finished stock being damaged on its way to a customer, or being sued by a third party or employee, and the list goes on. […]