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Home Insurance Claims

When taking out Home insurance, it isn’t always as easy as paying an annual or monthly fee. Customers should take time to evaluate their Home Insurance Policy frequently, and keep in mind any changes that have been made or any damages that have happened within […]

Insurance for Flat Roofs

The image on the right hand side of the screen shows you why Insurers do not like flat roofs. As you can see the rain water has gathered on the flat surface. Weather damage is very likely and this can create losses, which means it […]

Jewellery Insurance Brokers

Jewellery is often picked out with great care and purchased or given for a special occasion. We can become emotionally attached to our prized possessions, as it can bring back fond memories, and if we were to lose or have our valuables stolen it could be […]

Tips For A Safe New Years

Nothing beats an amazing New Years eve feeling and setting off fireworks in your back garden when the clock strikes 12!  Are you covered? It is a good idea to take into consideration if you have the correct Insurance cover, for your house and car. […]

X is for eXcess Layer Insurance

We found it difficult to come up with a blog starting with X, but we thought that Excess Layer Insurance was close enough!  Excess Layer Insurance is taken out by companies that need to take out increased Public Liability Insurance. Most insurers will increase the limit on your current […]

Flood Warnings

You may have heard on the news that there have been a number of weather warnings for heavy rainfall and strong winds for the majority of the country; this has been issued by the Met Office. Because of this we suggest that you check the […]