Leased Van Fleet Insurance

I won a new client this week who had approached us for some help with leased van Fleet Insurance.  They had been hiring vans from a vehicle hire company for a year, and insurance had been thrown in to the deal, so they hadn’t needed to look at it. However, […] Read more »

Motor Trade Insurance vs Motor Fleet Insurance

Lately I’ve been speaking to a number of businesses who are looking for the most cost effective and comprehensive way to insure their company vehicles. What I’ve noticed more than anything else is there seems to be a misunderstanding about which sort of policy is right for businesses looking for multi […] Read more »

When should I look into a fleet insurance policy?

The reasons my clients coming to me for a motor fleet insurance policy are wide and varied.  When they come to me, some clients have had a fleet policy for years but just weren’t entirely certain they were getting the best deal (usually they weren’t). However, new clients are increasingly approaching me to look into […] Read more »

Motor Fleet VS Multiple vehicle policies

Fleet Insurance Brokers: which is better; a motor fleet policy or several single vehicle policies? I’m often asked to look at insuring a handful of vehicles  that are all covered separately with various insurers. Whilst its easy for me to get quotes on the same basis for my clients, they […] Read more »