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You have followed every piece of legislation and all the guidance given...

...but an employee still believes that they have a case to take the business to an Employment Tribunal. How will the business afford to defend itself? What are your options?

Everyone knows that if you have good quality contracts of employment and statutory compliant policies and procedures, then the risk of finding yourself in an Employment Tribunal is reduced, however, even when every box has been ticked and all guidance has been followed, an employee still may believe that they have a case against the business.

Defending the case can be costly and this is why we have teamed up with Evans Insurance Brokers to provide my clients with Employment Practice Liability Insurance at a discounted rate or free* with the HR Premium Retainer Package.

Employment Practice Liability

This cover is essential for any employer. It covers your company and your employees against defence costs and awards of employment claims arising, for example:

  • from allegations of sexual harassment or wrongful dismissal by employees
  • from allegations of incorrect selection for redundancy

Claims Example

Unfair Dismissal - An IT consultancy faced a claim from a former employee who had been made redundant. The
employee claimed he should not have been selected for redundancy as he had taken a salary sacrifice in the last year.

The legal fees in successfully defending the case were more than £8,500.     

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Cover is also available for:

Directors’ And Officers’ Liability

This covers your personal wealth for defence costs incurred during a claim and awards made against you. For example:

  • claims by investors or other shareholders (including other directors)
  • defence costs and awards of claims arising from your personal involvement with the administration of any company pension

Claims Example

Tax - the directors of a property investment company were prosecuted by HM Revenue & Customs for allegedly making false statements in an earlier tax investigation.

Legal fees in the case came to more than £50,000.

Corporate Legal Liability

This covers your company against defence costs and awards associated with events such as:

  • allegations you have breached regulations, for example Tax, Health & Safety or Trading Standards
  • claims by investors or shareholders
  • direct financial loss from employee dishonesty.

Claims Example

Pensions Error - an employee of a management consultancy group made a claim alleging that the company had not added her to the group’s pension scheme as instructed a number of years earlier.

The company were held liable and were required to pay £20,000 to compensate for her loss.

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*A maximum premium applies, any costs above this maximum will be paid by the client. A full quotation will be provided before an agreement is put in place.