Weather Warning – what to do

We unfortunately appear to be in line for another storm that is set to hit at the weekend. We advise you to :- Do what ever is necessary in an emergency to mitigate your loss and act as if uninsured. Take photos of any damage and keep invoices for any […] Read more »

Alternative therapy Liability cover

I’ve been working on insurance for an alternative therapy company. One of the main areas where alternative therapists require cover is for injury to their patients in the course of the treatment. Some  alternative therapy companies buy Public Liability Insurance and think it provides them with the cover they need. […] Read more »

Losing a customers keys

If you’re a cleaning company, losing a customers keys can cause real problems for you and your customer. Most customers, whether domestic or commercial, will want their locks changed if you lose their keys. If you’re a cleaning company working on a Commercial premises, having the locks changed could cost […] Read more »

Malicious damage by tenants

Malicious damage by tenants. Quite possibly one of the things Landlords fear most. As Landlords, (I’m a Landlord too), we like to think it won’t happen to us, as we’ve been careful about choosing our tenants either directly or via an agent. Despite this, getting it wrong can have disastrous effects […] Read more »

Buying a business or Merging companies

I’m working on a couple of cases at the moment where one business is buying another or merging with another. Buying or merging with a business will require a thorough review of any Business Insurance that might be in place. Many businesses buy a company out or merge with another […] Read more »

Insurance for repossessed properties

I’m often asked by a private bank to organise insurance for repossessed properties. This occurs where the bank has leant money to someone who has defaulted on the repayments. Ultimately they have to take possession of the property but need adequate Insurance in place. Usually by this stage their relationship […] Read more »

Working from Home Insurance

Karen and I are currently working on a case where the client runs an alternative therapy business from a log cabin at the end of their garden. Their Home Insurance is due for renewal and they need cover for both their personal contents and their business equipment in the log […] Read more »

Insurance for vacant properties following death

I’m often asked by a local firm of solicitors to arrange Unoccupied Buildings Insurance, for properties where the owner has sadly passed away. It’s not a very nice thing to have to deal with, but if you’re acting for the estate of recently deceased person, you will need to review […] Read more »